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  Experience the Joy of learning

The Joule School  

The Joule School's primary program is a blast! We attach "dinosaur feet" to our shoes and create prints in the mud, then pour, press, and erode sediment to explore the way that geologic processes create fossils in Science. We dress up and go outside to role-play as hunters and gatherers, Viking explorers, or Aztec priests in History. In Math, we use dry erase markers directly on the table for computation, and have plenty of manipulatives for learning how to tell time and understand fractions.

Joule also offers an Early Readers program for students aged 3-5 who need acceleration in language arts!

We follow the Montessori Method in the early grades, with an emphasis on developing independence, responsibility, and a love of learning. Students have the opportunity to study a wide variety of extracurricular subjects, including gardening, cooking, and foreign language, in addition to time for play and student-led exploration.

Program Information

The Joule School admits students ages 3-6 for our primary classes. All primary classes take place Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 3:30 PM. The daily schedule includes 4 fun academic classes, a Montessori independent work period, and 3 sessions of outdoor recess.